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Hydration in Dogs: Keep Your Dog Hydrated This Summer

Keeping your dog hydrated is crucial to ensure its proper body functioning. Not only on summer days but all year-round. This is because whether it’s a cute kitten or a bossy German Shepherd, they are always on the run. That is why their body needs enough fluid to keep the water balance. There are easy ways to keep your dog hydrated this summer and make hydration in dogs high.

Hence, you need to know the proper amount of water intake for each species. However, making them drink that amount can get a bit hectic. Well, here we have got you fully covered with our extensive blog. We will discuss the essential info on pet hydration, tips to make them drink water, and many more. So, without further delay, let’s get started!

How Much Water Is Enough?

That is a frequently asked question. How do you know if your pet is hydrated? Keeping your dog hydrated requires some regular yet basic practice. However, make sure to provide enough water to your dog. As a standard, pets need 1 ounce of water for each pound of their body weight. For instance, a cat of 10-lb weight would require 10 ounces of daily water intake.

Nevertheless, tracking these exact measurements is somewhat problematic. That is why we recommend keeping an eye on your dog’s drinking habits. Thus, you can quickly identify if they are drinking less than that.
Sometimes changes in season can also make your pet affected and be more dehydrated.

What are the Signs of Dehydration?

Various health issues can arise from dehydration if hydration in dogs is low. Nevertheless, by knowing the common dehydration symptoms, you can prevent your dog from getting sick. The most-occurred signs include-

  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Extreme panting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dry, sunken eyes
  • Significant changes in skin elasticity
  • Less frequent urination
  • Dehydrated, sticky gums

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog Hydrated This Summer

With some fundamental modifications in your dog’s feeding chart, you can usually cure the dehydration phase. We have described some easy-to-follow guidelines to keep hydration in dogs to a minimum in the next segment. However, apart from following these tips, we strongly recommend regularly getting a routine check-up. Let us check out the following section now!

Plenty of Water Bowls

Enough water source is a must while you try to keep your dog hydrated. Thus, the dehydration problem can be easy to solve. While you are in the process, you should consider their playful nature. Sometimes your pets may tip over the water bowl. Hence, place the bowl where it’s easier to reach and drink.

A dog is drinking to keep hydration in dogs proper

Additionally, we recommend setting up several water bowls. For this purpose, you can choose the clean, safe corners of your garden and home. Further, to hype their interest, you can select any areas that will surprise them. Likewise, choose the water containers carefully to attract them.

Furthermore, learning how to keep your dog hydrated during the summer is crucial. Hence, be extra careful when playing with them outside on sunny days. That time, you can add ice cubes with the water. Lastly, never forget to clean and refill the container often to maintain a fresh water supply.

Running water

Usually, pets love running water. We can say it’s more or less a feline nature. Technically, running water is colder than still water. Hence, using a water fountain would make the most sense. Also, you can use drip faucets. Thus, your pet will consume more water. Moreover, you can try the garden hose pipe with a slow setting for your pet hydrated.
However, in these processes, cats take longer to finish drinking. So, your patience is necessary here.

Adding Water to Dry Food

It’s a no-brainer but also a most-ignored fact. Naturally, humans consume a lot of water from their regular diet. However, things are different for your pet animal. To clarify, as animals consume more dry foods, they are prone to dehydration. That applies double if your animals have a dry kibble diet.

So, you can add water to their meal little by little. Well, remember to start with a small amount. This is because you don’t want to ruin their mood by adding too much water. Besides, add wet foods like goat milk bone broth. The goat milk comes with almost 79% moisture per serving. And for bone broth, it’s nearly 98%. Then again, make them thoroughly finish the bowl so that they don’t leave the wet portion of the food.

Fresh Vegetables

The task of keeping your pet hydrated can get more painless by incorporating seasonal fresh veggies in their meals. Therefore, adding a tiny portion of green grass and vegetables can do wonders due to high water.
Well, we recommend maintaining the portion limit carefully. Some veggies leaves may lead to an upset stomach. Let’s say, for rabbits, you can add almost 15% veggies along with hay (80%) and other pellet food (5%).

Add Something Sweet

Like us, your pets may also find it boring to drink plain water always. So, if you know their favorite sweet flavor (like banana for rabbits), rub it on the water bottle spout. By placing these treats, your pet is more likely to drink. And it is more applicable to ill pets who show a lack of interest in drinking water.

Does Your Pet Need Therapy?

The veterinarian recommends fluid therapy for pets with kidney disease or renal failures in most cases. Also, if your pet has any disorder that requires it, your veterinarian may suggest simple home fluid therapy. Some foods might cause allergy symptoms in your dog. So you should properly check on it and use caution.

Final Thoughts

Owning a pet is a great responsibility. For their proper upbringing, your caring mindset is essential. And also, their health is your prime concern all the time. We have tried to offer the on-point info based on well-researched resources on how to keep hydration in dogs to a minimum. Hopefully, you will not have much trouble getting your pets to drink water.

Let us wrap up with some small reminders. Checking in on them frequently to identify any possible dehydration symptoms is essential. Moreover, a balanced diet can meet the fluid requirement significantly. As we finish, we are hoping for some wholesome moments for you and your pets. Happy days!

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