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Fitness Buddy: Exercising with Your Dog

Dogs are undoubtedly the most faithful and loyal creatures on the planet. They want to eat when their master is eating. They want to sleep while their master is asleep. However, when it’s time for their master to work out, we have a dilemma. But a dog is a perfect fitness buddy companion for you.

Dogs have different anatomy than humans and are unable to do many of the same workouts. However, there are several methods to make your dog your fitness conscious, and today’s post will focus on the reasons for doing so.

Working Out with Your Dog Is Fun

If you’ve ever wrestled or played a fight with a puppy or another dog, you know how much they like roughhousing. They have a natural enthusiasm for activity, which is often contagious. While a quick run may leave a person fatigued, a dog is typically at his or her happiest while they are exerting themselves.

This is related to the motivation element in certain ways. When you’re doing something you enjoy, it’s a lot simpler to stay motivated. Not only that, but your dogs will be considerably happier as a result.

A dog is the best fitness buddy you can have

10 Fun Ways to Make Your Dog the Best Fitness Buddy

See our list for some awesome ways to work out with your dog and make him the perfect fitness buddy for you! Finally, there’s no reason why your dog should be the only one striving for a summer body that’s hot and healthy. Also, let your dog be hydrated this summer by making sure they drink enough water this summer.


Running is a simple way to include your dog in your exercise regimen. If you’re just getting started, the simple walk harness will assist you in training your dog to run beside you. Your dog will not be able to pull too far ahead if you use a leash.


Skijoring is a fun activity that involves dogs pulling people on skis or rollerblades. Only a harness is required for the rope to hook onto the dog. After then, the owner may hang on for a wild ride!


Cycling is an excellent method for you and your dog to get some exercise during the day. Cycling is also ideal if you have a dog that needs a lot of exercise and activity. Your dog will be able to keep up with you while adding a few more kilometers to his mileage.


While we don’t advise allowing your dog to bat, he can definitely play outfield! Hitting the ball with a bat or racket is an inexpensive way to send balls soaring and get your dog racing around the yard.

Obstacle Course

Your dog doesn’t have to be the only one that jumps over obstacles. Make an obstacle course that both of you will love! You may incorporate exercises like tunnels and hurdles or design your course such that each station offers both canine and human fitness alternatives. For example, as your dog fetches a ball, perform 15 human push-ups.


Swimming is a terrific way for both dogs and humans to get some exercise. If you live near the ocean, you may relax by your pool or go for a swim!

Tail Wag Walking

Make a workout out of your regular walk. To boost your heart rate and get your dog moving, alternate between interval and speed walking. We promise that after a good walk, your dog won’t stop wagging his tail.

Run, Race, Repeat!

We’re giving the classic game of fetch a fresh twist. Throw a ball as far as you can beside your dog. Then, instead of waiting for your dog to bring the ball back to you, race against him to see who can get to it first! Rep the same steps as needed, moving back and forth.


Hiking appeals to a dog’s innate need to explore. While canines are frequently the ideal travel companions, it’s crucial to make sure you have everything you need before leaving. Dogs, like humans, require proper nutrition and hydration. For your next trip, remember to include dog food, water, and a bowl!

Seasonal Activities

Seasonal changes affect your dog, but there are always fun outdoor activities to enjoy together, whether the sun is shining or the snow is falling! Building a snowman and learning to surf are two of our favorites. There’s always a purpose and an opportunity for you to get outdoors and move, regardless of your preferences!

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Should Be Your Fitness Buddy

The good news is that this downward spiral towards illness may be halted by making a few easy lifestyle modifications. Here are 5 reasons why you and your dog make an excellent fitness partner.

Equal Energy Burn

When traveling at a brisk walk of 3.7 to 4.0 miles per hour, dogs burn roughly 0.8 calories per pound per mile (15 to 16 minutes per mile pace). Humans lose almost the same amount of calories per pound every mile and do so at a similar rate. This implies that a 150-pound human burns roughly 100 calories while a 40-pound dog burns about 32 calories on a one-mile stroll. Keep in mind that losing one pound of weight requires 3500 calories from both you and your dog. This is why 60 percent of weight reduction in people and dogs is due to food, and only 40 percent is due to exercise.

It’s quite difficult to lose weight by walking. You and your cat both benefit from exercise because of the numerous health benefits it gives.

Reduce Disease Risk

Regular aerobic activity can help you and your pet stays in better shape. Maintaining lean body mass and aerobic fitness has been demonstrated to minimize the chance of acquiring illnesses including type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, renal disorders, respiratory problems, and many types of cancer in studies conducted over the last two decades. To lessen the odds of acquiring these diseases, make it a goal to walk your dog (and yourself) for at least 30 minutes each day. This isn’t rocket science; it’s just plain old-fashioned logic. Now go for a walk with your dog.

Similar Speed

The majority of dogs appear to enjoy walking at a rate of 15 to 17 minutes per mile. For you, that’s a brisk stroll – possibly one of the finest walking paces for staying healthy. Instead of pausing to smell the flowers every few feet, make use of your dog’s natural speedometer and urge them to go ahead at a steady pace. If your dog constantly pauses, you’re definitely moving too slowly. If your dog refuses to step up the pace, he or she may require some further leash-walking training. If you have any concerns about your pet’s health or the suitability of this exercise routine, or if your pet refuses to exercise or walk at a steady pace, please visit your veterinarian.

Social Creatures

In today’s world, it’s quite simple to fall into lockdown mode. You can order takeout and have almost anything delivered to your home, and many people work from their living rooms. Walking your pet forces you to engage with people and break out from your compound mentality. The social advantages of walking your dog around the block twice a day cannot be overstated. You’ll see friends, hear about what’s going on in the area, and be compelled to look outside your windows. When it comes to remaining linked to the outside world, dogs are just as dependent, if not more so, than humans. After daily open-air outings, many of the behavior cases improve substantially. Dogs that are cooped up indoors for long periods of time require environmental stimulation to stay physically, psychologically, and emotionally healthy, just as you do.

For Your Best Motivation

Spending time outside with your dog is a tremendously satisfying experience (or even leash-trained cats). Maybe it’s in our DNA, or maybe it’s because of our shared history. Whatever the cause, there is a strong bond between sweating people and panting pets. Your dog stares at you wistfully and just wants one thing: you. You may satisfy their want by giving them a treat, but what they truly want is your engagement, your play, and your time because it is one of the most important reasons that dogs are our finest fitness buddies because it is our obligation as pet owners to start lacing up your walking shoes instead of taking the easy way out with sweets and sofa time. You’ll feel better, and your pet will appreciate the time you spent with them. Furthermore, your pet is deserving of it.

The Advantages For Having A Fitness Buddy

Aside from improving your cardiovascular and physical fitness, walking or jogging with your dog can also help:

  • Boost your mood
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Strengthen your bond with your pet
  • Keep you motivated to exercise regularly

Final Thoughts

Finally, you should be aware that some breeds are not well-suited to becoming workout companions. We’re mostly discussing breeds with unusually short snouts. The airways of these breeds, known as brachycephalic breeds, are excessively narrow for their skulls. There’s a little more to the narrative, but you get the point.

Because these dogs are unable to breathe as effectively as others, they will grow weary more quickly. If you keep pushing them, they can pass out or die. Stick to short walks only if you have a pug-nosed dog. Now that you know how to make you dog a perfect fitness buddy companion.

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