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Ear Mite Treatment for Cats: Here’s How to Do it at Home

Ear mites can be pretty irritating for cats. They feast on cats’ skin and grow quite faster. They can even cause cat allergies. Besides, these pests are almost invisible to the naked eye. So, you need to treat them as fast as possible. Along with other things, we will also discuss ear mite treatment for cats.

It will help you to identify them and prevent future invasions. Let’s get started. We will start with the possible ear mite symptoms.

Symptoms Of Ear Mites In Cats

You need to identify ear mite invasion as soon as possible. But, how can you do so? The most efficient way is to look for possible symptoms. Don’t worry. It is pretty easy to look for them.

  • Constant head shaking
  • Itchy ear
  • Inflammation
  • Lots of dark discharges
  • Scabs
  • Strong odor in the ears
  • Red marks on the skin

How To Check Your Cat For Ear Mites

So, how do you detect ear mites? You better check cats’ health at home regularly. For these mites, you can’t clearly see these pests with naked eyes. But, it is not quite impossible. If you look closely, they seem to like white specks. But, you can clearly see their leftovers. They are dark and look like small pepper. That’s one and easiest way to identify them.

You can hold their ears and look inside. If there are a lot of discharges or strong smells, it indicates that something isn’t right. Although, it doesn’t ensure a mite attack. In this case, you need to take the cat to a vet. They will go through external steps to identify the problem. Next, let’s see the available ear mite medicine for cats.

Natural Home Remedies For Treating Ear Mites In Cats

Now that you know what to do to ensure mite attack, it’s time to learn how to deal with them. The treatment for ear mites in cats can vary. There are many solutions. But, using natural remedies for at-home ear mite treatment for cats is the most efficient one. It is the best ear mite treatment for cats.

But, which home remedy will be the best one? Let’s have a guess.

Using Olive Oil To Treat Ear Mites

You have heard about olive oil, right? It is the most simple ear mite treatment for cats. Because the items are available and easy to use, just apply olive oil to the cat’s ear. It will suffocate those pests. As a result, they can’t hold on to the skin. It also makes their egg slippery. So, you can easily remove them along with the eggs.

Even more, the oil provides extra moisture to the skin. It relieves the itchy feeling that comes from those mites latching on the skin. Although, you still need to visit the vet if the attack is severe.

Using Essential Oils For Cat Ear Mites

Are you looking for alternative ear mites treatment for cats? Then, the essential oils are perfect. Besides, there are so many essential oil variants. Even more, it is easy to apply and comes with a fast effect. The most common essential oils are lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, and tea tree oil. You can go for other options as well.

However, these oils are highly concentrated. So, you can’t directly use them. You have to mix them with water to lower the concentration. People often use coconut or olive oil for extra safety. As for the usage, the procedure is similar to olive or coconut oil.

You just have to apply the oil on the ear skin. It will suffocate the mites. Aside from cleaning the mites, it will also comfort the skin. That makes it a great ear mite home treatment for cats.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Ear Mites In Cats

Do you know how useful vinegar is? Apple cider vinegar is one of the most popular vinegar solutions. It has so much usage. From cleaning to preservation, it is exceptional. Here, we can use it as an ear mite treatment for cats. It has antifungal and antibacterial characteristics.

So, applying it can stop the ongoing mite infestation and possible infection. In addition, it also adjusts the pH level of the skin. How does it help you? It makes the skin condition better and less favorable for mite attack.


Vaseline has the necessary properties to deal with mites. It has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory characteristics. It will also clear the mites and reduce the itchy feeling. But you need to clear it pretty well. Else, dirt will stick in the ear. It is quite popular as a home treatment for ear mites in cats.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a natural ear mite treatment for cats. It works similarly to vaseline. You can use it to relieve the pain and clear the ear mites. We know how aloe vera soothes skin. Your cat’s ear skin can be pretty painful because of the invasion. Aloe vera will take care of it. It is also natural and harmless. But, be careful with the aloe vera plant as the plant is toxic.

Cat Ear Mite Home Remedies You Shouldn’t Use

We have mentioned the solutions you can use as ear mite treatment for cats. Regardless, people often use the wrong items. So, there are things that people think are good for ear mites. Although, they are not. Let’s see some of them.


Pesticides can completely kill pests, that’s correct. But, they are really harmful to humans and animals. Don’t use them for your cats. They can even kill your cat. Even if you use it, the pesticides should be certified for cats. Besides, it is not a natural treatment for ear mites in cats.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is good for treating wounds. But, it is not suitable for cats. Rather than treating it, it can cause some additional issues.

Avoid Ineffective Remedies

Many home remedies may work on the skin or other parts. But, each one of them is not a suitable treatment for cat ear mites. Only a few of them work. If it doesn’t work properly, just leave the item. Unnecessary remedies will make the condition worse.

How To Prevent Ear Mites In Cats

Now, this is interesting. Can you guess the source of mites for cats? Mites complete their entire cycle on the host! So, you will not get them from an open source. It has to be another host. If your cat gets ear mites, the suspect is its animal companion. It can be from your home, neighborhood, or anywhere.

A cat is going through ongoing process of ear mite treatment

If you took the cat for a trip, it is possible the mites came from there. Besides, we take our cats for a walk pretty often. During this time, they interact with other cats and dogs. There is a higher possibility that the mites have come from any of them. Some people think that mites come from humans to cats. But, that is quite rare. Make sure to observe your cats interact with animals to prevent ear mites.

In addition, keep them in a fresh space and provide hygienic food. A cat with a strong immune system is always less targetable for these pests. Observe their digestive condition and overall activities. Don’t forget to visit a pet once in a while. For indoor support, you can always use a topical ear mite treatment for cats.

Final Thoughts

Ear mite treatment for cats is quite easy if you can detect them early. So, you need to keep an eye on them for possible behavior symptoms. As soon as you get the symptom, check the mites. If you can’t detect them, go to a vet. You will get a possible solution from them.

For future safety, make sure that your cat has good health. Follow our recommendations for any unknown ear mite condition.

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