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10 Dog Toy Box Ideas That Will Make Your Pup Smile

Playing and having moments with your dog surely is the best feeling. Thus, we give them a lot of new toys to make them cheerful. But, too many scattered toys can be pretty distractive. You know pets are really curious about everything.

So, it’s better if you keep them in a decorative custom box. Here we are with some of the coolest dog toy box collections. Are you excited? Let’s check them out.

What’s a Dog Toy Box & Why Do You Need Them?

Before getting the ideas for the dog toy storage box, it’s better if we discuss them a bit more. Why do you need dog toy boxes? That’s a pretty good question. Usually, we get so many toys for our dogs. Different toys have different attractions. You can’t just scatter them randomly. Then, the dog would forget or lose interest in the toys. So, you should keep it in a single place. The place we are talking about is a box, a dog toy box.

But why a toy box for dog? These types of boxes are a bit different from regular boxes. There are small toy box for dogs or a larger one. But they come with a custom design. These designs attract the dog’s attention. So, you don’t have to carry the toys to them.

Every time, they will go to the box and explore it because of the attraction. Then, what will they get there? All of their favorite toys! It’s amazing and keeps them busy. Don’t you want something like that? Your pet friend will be happier to get everything together. Next, we will recommend the most amazing toy boxes for dog.

Top 10 Toy Box Ideas For Dogs We Recommend You To Try Out

Here, we will talk about the box for dog toys you can get. Remember that you can customize them. In addition, you have so many options in your hands. Depending on your dog’s behavior and choice, you can select any of them. Let’s explore the options.

Dog Bone Storage Bin

Dogs just love bones, don’t they? Then, what is more, applicable than having a dog bone toy box? This amazing box has a bone shape. It is clearly visible, which is quite an attractive option for dogs. They will just run into it anytime they see it. Surprisingly, the box has food-grade plastic material.

Dog Bone Storage Bin

So, there is no problem even if they have a couple of bites on it. It has two variants in the market. One is 23.5 inches, and another one is 18 inches. That makes it suitable for both smaller and larger dogs. It is capable of holding 30lbs of weight. The box also has a decent width comparing its height. It also comes with a top handle that makes it easier to carry around.

Custom Natural Wood Toy Box For Dogs

Wood boxes are the best. They are attractive and just suitable for any place. Dogs are also comfortable with it.

Custom Natural Wood Dog Toy Box

You can get additional bone or toy shapes with the box. It gives a bit of a natural and old vibe that dogs love to explore. Although, these boxes are a bit expensive.

Personalized Wicker Basket

As the name says, these baskets have a little bit of a wicked vibe. They can be pretty attractive for cats. Its upper side is wide open.

Personalized Wicker Basket

So the toys will be visible. That makes it easy to take and put. A perfect personalized dog toy box for sure.

Recycled Nylon Dog Toy Bucket

Why waste nylons when you can make something as good as a large dog toy box. It is one of the most appealing dog toy box ideas.

Recycled Nylon Dog Toy Bucket

It is flexible and suitable for indoors. It has so many personalization options. You can paint and art, curve something and so on.

Personalized Wooden Dog Toy Box

Wooden dog toy box storage is really popular. It is simple and more convenient. You can get one of them at the cheapest cost. Besides, you can go for any size that is suitable for a smaller or larger dog.

Personalized Wooden Dog Toy Box

It is also possible to curve different shapes or add some extra designs. Also, you can make a DIY wooden dog toy box in your garage in your leisure time. This type of box can be an indestructible dog toy box for your pet buddy.

Cotton Rope Basket Toy Storage

Cotton rope storage is quite a luxury dog toy box. Instead of its price, you should focus on its appeal. It has the most eye-catching design along with comfortability.

Cotton Rope Basket Toy Storage

You may see your dog sitting on it quite often. It is also a DIY dog toy box.

Folding Dog Toy Storage Ottoman

If you want to save space and look for portability, there is no competitor to it. It is the best custom dog toy box you can ask for.

Folding Dog Toy Storage Ottoman

It is foldable. So, you can store it anywhere and keep it aside whenever you want. It can be quite big, and you will not have any problem with the size.

Upcycled Wooden Crate to Dog Box

Do you want to make a DIY dog toy storage? Why not go for these wooden crate dog boxes. They are the simplest dog toy storage on the list.

Upcycled Wooden Crate to Dog Box

But, they are quite a favorite for dogs. The design and color variants are top-notch. You will surely like to have a wooden crate dog toy box for your pet buddy.

Simple Rope Storage Bin from Cardboard Box

Do you know that you can create toy storage from a bunch of ropes? Yes, it is possible. It is quite a cute dog toy box. You will see a lot of them in the market.

Simple Rope Storage Bin from Cardboard Box

Toy boxes for dogs are amazing and so perfect for dogs. Your dog might use it as a bed!

Hanging Dog Toy Storage Basket

This toy box is more like a shopping bucket. You may not get a lot of design or other things. But, they do the job.

Hanging Dog Toy Storage Basket

You can mount them somewhere close to the floor. It is easy to use and simple in design. Moreover, it is more affordable.

How To Organize Stuff in Your Dog Toy Box

There is no basic rule to do so. You can organize toy box for dogs very easily. First of all, you need to figure out how many toys you have. Have an estimation of how much space you need to store them. Then, get a suitable dog’s toy box.

Organizing dog toy box

Keep your affordability in mind. Try to put the larger toys first. Then, put smaller toys over them. If possible, you can go for portable or mountable storage or a wooden dog toy box. It will make the workload easier.

Final Thoughts

A toy box for dogs is quite necessary to keep all your pet toys in a single place. A box for dog toys will help to get all the scattered toys quite easily. Besides, you can train your dog to put his/her things in there and take them from there. It will be a daily exercise for dogs to warm them up. It would be quite fun, right?

There are so many shapes and designs to go for. You can even get a dog toy box with lid. And you can customize this with a custom design. Don’t forget to measure your needs. Follow our given recommendations to check out the best customizations you can get.

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