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Dog Feeding Chart How Much & How Often to Feed

If you own a pet, you have come across self-doubts about the treatment of your pet. Am I doing it right? Am I reading enough? Is there anything that is missing? How to make a dog feeding chart? Well, we assure you that you are not alone. Every one of us goes through this phase at one time or the other.

If you own a dog, you would be familiar that the cute little friend comes with a lot of responsibility and tough choices that the owner has to make. The most frequent question that people ask in the pet health section is how they should feed their dog? What is the proper routine of doing so? Is there any way we can assist them with this?

Well, you should stop worrying now because we have got your back. The following writing contains elaborative information on how one should feed their dog at different stages of their life. So, hold tight!

What are Dog Feeding Chart?

The dog feeding chart is a schedule through which you can keep a record of your dog’s feeding. The chart contains the weight of your dog in the first column, followed by the number of times you provide them with their meal. The chart helps you to keep a record of your dog’s weight. Controlling and monitoring the weight of your dog can help them later a lot. The controlled weight can prevent heart and breathing conditions in a dog.

Furthermore, it can save them from binge-eating habits and obesity. Any fluctuation in their weight can help you alter their meal plan automatically. If you see that they are gaining excessive weight, the prevention steps would be easier to take through the chart.

The alteration of diet, controlled portions and calorie count would help big time. Thus, if you are a beginner who just got a little friend, we advise you to make a dog feed chart. It will be convenient and would help you a lot with the growth journey of your pet.

What Should Be In Your Dog’s Bowl?

What you feed your dog can have an immense impact on their overall well-being. Feeding your dog a healthy meal that is whole, natural and real can increase their heart health. Furthermore, it can help in boosting their immunity, eyesight and energy level. A good meal can make their breathing smell better and can have an impact on their fur and appearance.

To feed your dog, you should always go for food that is organic and does not contain a lot of processing and artificial flavors. Moreover, look out for the food and treats that are approved by vets. A little effort can do wonders with the health and mood of your pet and can increase their life.

How Much Food Does Your Dog Need?

The amount of food that your dog needs can depend upon a number of factors. Such factors can be their weight, metabolic rate and the amount of physical activity they have throughout the day. The meal can also depend upon any allergy or preliminary condition that your dog may have.

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How Much Should Puppies Eat?

If you feed your puppy as much as it can eat at a time is called free-choice feeding. However, free choice eating is not at all appreciated by the experts. It can cause juvenile obesity and binge-eating in your pet. Thus, to be on the safe side, it is advised to feed your puppy two to three times a day.

A moderate quantity of meals thrice a day would do a job for the better growth of your puppy. It would help your dog to have optimal growth conditions. The optimal growth in puppies can ensure better body conditions in the adult life of your pet.

How Much Should Adult Dogs Eat?

The feeding schedule of your adult grown dog totally depends on their breed and weight. However, you should feed your dog at least twice a day. The two meals should have a gap of twelve hours between them. If they are overfed, the stomach becomes hyper acidic, which in turn may cause nausea.

Thus, it is better to make a schedule of breakfast and dinner where you feed your dog two meals of equal amounts.

Why Does My Dog’s Food Amount Matter?

The amount of food that you give your dogs in their feeds can play a massive role in their life. Your feeding schedules can make them live a healthy life. If not administered properly, the same schedules can shorten their life by several years and may make them face different diseases.

For example, if you feed your dog too little, or you give them two tiny meals a day. This can cause nutritional decencies. Your dog would not be as active as it should be. At the same time, their energy will drop, and they may end up with rough coats. In later years of their life, they may also have joint diseases and weak eyesight.
Now coming towards the second scenario.

If you feed your dogs too much, you may aid in making them obese. They may end up with heart failures, skin disorders, shortened life span, reduced quality of sleep and labored breathing. Thus, both scenarios can have an adverse effect on the health of your dog.

Overdoing or underdoing both will have their own consequences. Thus, the right amount of feeding portions is important and matters a lot to improve the overall well-being of your dog.

Now, how should you find what is ‘the right amount’ for the portion for your dog? We often get this question of “how much” is enough. To answer this question, we would want you to consider several important factors.

Type of Food

You may use a calorie counter before feeding the meal to your dog. This would help you know the calorie need of your dog and how much you should provide them with. Similarly, if the food has a lot of calories, you can reduce the portions and can-do inverse in the opposite situation. Also sometimes your dog might eat some plants which are very unhealthy for them. So you should put safe indoor plants for your dog.

Exercise and Physical Activity of Dog

Is your dog active? Well, if it burns a lot of calories, you may go with free-choice feeding as well. You may leave the food all day in their pot, and they may eat it the way they want. It is because since they are burning a lot of calories, it’s okay if they eat more than a regular dog. They will be able to adjust it.

On the other hand, if the dog is not very active and lazy around in the house, then you may need to control the portions. In the changing season, your dog might act differently because it affects them a lot, so you should act accordingly.

Number of Meals

If you give them two meals a day, you may give them good portions. If they eat at intervals, give them small portions. The treats you give to your dogs should also be kept in mind. The treat of your dog should be at least 10 percent of their overall feeding.

Body Weight

If the weight is regular, then you may proceed with a normal diet. On the other hand, if they are overweight or underweight, you may need to consider their feeding plans and may plan the meal according to their needs.

Metabolic Rate

Some dogs burn a lot, while others do not have a very efficient rate of metabolism. The metabolic rate may depend upon their breed. Thus, pay attention to how their body responds to the feeds and their physical activities.

Final Thoughts

Understand that customizing the need of your dog. You may have to look out for the conditions they may have. Visit the vet and discuss any changes you observe in them when you alter their foods. This would help them a lot in living a healthy and happy life.

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