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Cats Digestive System: Things You Need To Know

There is a great saying that  balance of health starts from food. Whatever you are digesting, your health depends on it. The case is the same even for pet animals. If a cat is your pet companion, then the food they are getting will have a direct impact on their overall health. So, the cats digestive system starts from their food choice and digestion.

So, every pet owner should be careful to improve their cat’s digestive health. The better their digestive system works, the more natural essence they can absorb. Thus, we will talk about natural health care for cats.

What is Good Gut Health for Cats?

Living bodies need a constant supply of many elements. Every animal gets them from different food sources. After the food consumption, its gut breaks them down into molecular elements. Then the body absorbs those elements. Later, it manages the supply through blood. Usually, this is a pet animal’s digestive scenario that is pretty much the same as other animals.

Now, what is good gut health for a cat? The better a gut can break down food, the better its condition is. If your cat’s gut isn’t working well, it will not get enough elements. A significant portion of the food will get wasted without consumption. That’s the worst-case scenario you can expect. Besides, the gut also manages the distribution and optimization of those elements. It is not possible to process food completely without handling its elemental distribution.

So, you can call a gut condition good when it can completely consume the food. As a result, the body will reach its maximum energy level. If there is anything lacking, then it is not working well. But, these explanations are not enough to make you understand the whole thing. Let’s check out how a healthy digestive system is connected to the microbiome.

What is Gut Microbiome/Microbiota?

The microbiome is a known word but an old term. Nowadays, we know it as microbiota. So, what is the gut microbiome or microbiota? It refers to all the good living organisms in the gut. Can you guess how many of them there are? It is hard to count as there are billions. Although, you can easily separate them by the main species. Most of those microbiomes are bacteria and archaea.

Healthy Digestive System & Microbiome for Cat’s

The gut microbiome is not always beneficial. Many microbes are harmful that can interfere with digestion. But, most of them are helpful. They help in digestion and distribution. So, you should understand that microbiomes are directly involved with your pet’s digestive system. Now, how can they help to keep the digestive system healthy?

  • Food Disintegration: These gut microbiomes break down food, optimizing its ingredients. They provide the necessary enzymes and other elements to do so. Moreover, they also create a suitable environment to perform the breakdown procedure.
  • Nutrient Absorption: As we said, a pet’s gut helps the body to absorb molecular elements that come after breaking down foods. That’s the nutrient a pet needs. So, these microbiomes directly assist in nutrient absorption.
  • Immune System: Research says that the majority of a pet’s immune system stays in the gut. To be precise, around 70% of the immune system. We said the microbiome manages a gut’s condition. As a result, it also manages a pet’s immune system.
  • Vitamin Production: As you know, microbiomes contain a huge number of bacteria. Many of them help to produce vitamin B and K.
  • Inflammation Control: Most of the pet inflammation comes from the gut. Many foods produce inflammation. Besides, many harmful microbes also increase the effect. The gut’s immune system and good microbiomes reduce those effects by a large margin. As a result, your pet gets a better skin condition because inflammation affects their skin and coating.

How Does Your Cat’s Digestive System Work?

When we refer to pet animals, we pretty much refer to dogs and cats. You may have different types of pets. But, most vertebrate animals have a similar digestive system. So, how does the digestive system works? The digestion starts from eating the food. Some pets can just devour the food without chewing. But, most pets love to chew the food. While chewing, the food breaks into smaller parts. Then, it gets mixed with the mouth saliva. Thus, the food turns into a mesh that is easy to go through the throat.

Cat food

Mixing the food with mouth saliva is the first process of digestion. After getting into the stomach, the real digestion process starts. Then the gut breaks down the food even smaller. It uses an acid environment to do so. It also uses different enzymes for different types of foods. The microbiome plays a great role in this process. They can produce acid, enzymes, and different vitamins as well.

After the complete breakdown, the gut absorbs all the elements and supplies them to the bloodstream. The leftovers and indigestible parts go into the colon. In the end, they get out of the body.

How Important is Digestive Health For Cats?

Digestive health for a cat is as important as you can think. Your cat needs proper nutrients. The guts provide them by consuming the food. It also controls the majority of their immune system. Besides, the gut helps to balance the enzyme and vitamin production in your body. In addition, it also maintains nutrient absorption.

We mentioned that gut microbiomes manage the digestive system and all the other acts related to it. From food to stool, all the processes are part of a pet’s digestive system. Any of their failures can put a pet’s life at risk. When the season changes, your cat’s behaviour might change as well because it is natural for them.

So you have to keep an eye on your cat’s changes cause they might affect their digestive health. Sometimes, your pet can become quite aggressive due to the increased inflammation. So, maintaining their digestive health system is absolute. In addition, you can visit vets for pets health care plans. Many pet awareness events also offer pet health plans for dogs and cats.

How Do You Keep Your Cat’s Digestive System Healthy?

Just like any other physical part, you can easily take care of your pet’s digestive system or prevent them from poisonous food. Although, most animals learn it naturally. But, your pets can be vulnerable as they are not used to the hard conditions of the outside world. So, you have to take some necessary steps to ensure the pet’s digestive system. Let’s check some of our suggestions.

As you are the one who chooses the food, make sure to get hygienic foods for your pets. Food quality is directly connected to consumption.

  • Fiber type food to make their stool production regular
  • Prebiotics and probiotics that helps to grow useful bacterias
  • Play with your pets
  • Make them running and other exercises
  • Keep them active
  • Regular check-up

Also, there are some pet-safe indoor plants that your cat can safely consume for their good gut health.


A healthy digestive system is important for a cat’s health. Every year, a lot of pet animals die due to a lack of digestive care. Often they face inflammation, irritation, lower immune system, and many other physical issues. Most of them come from their digestive faults.

Besides, their overall condition also depends on it. So, you should take good care of your cats. Make sure that their digestive system is working well. Select decent and healthy cat foods provide medicines and other necessary support. You may have to provide additional support depending on the breed. So, don’t forget to do regular medical check-ups.

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