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Understanding Separation Anxiety In Cats

Can cats sense anxiety? It hurts when we leave the side of our closest partner. The same thing can happen to cats. Thus, a lot of cats are experiencing separation anxiety. Cats do have distinct and different personalities.

Sometimes, it may feel like they don’t care about anything! But, they always have a strong bond with the owner or partner. Thus, anxiety in cats is really common. They always look for company and attention from their closest companion. Regardless, having a distance from them can cause separation anxiety. Anyway, you can easily check your cat’s health to detect anxiety.

What Are the Signs of Separation Anxiety in Cats?

Let’s start with the usual question. Can cats sense depression and anxiety? Yes, they can. Does my cat have separation anxiety? We don’t know the answer, but we can help you figure it out. Anxiety in cats has a set of signs. Whether it is cats with anxiety or not, these signs show what your cat is going through. So, you should learn these signs and observe the cat’s behavior.

Anything different than common cat behavior indicates that something isn’t right. As an example, your cat can disrupt you during departure. If so, he/she will also become overly excited when you return. You can clearly see their overreaction. It is a sign that they are feeling anxious because of your departure. The same thing can also happen with their other cat companions. Let’s see the possible signs of anxiety in cats.

  • Fast eating or eating speed change
  • Making so much noise or meowing
  • Too much self-grooming
  • Random elimination or ignoring the litter box
  • Extreme behavior
  • Too much calmness or excitement
  • Random vomiting
  • Aggressive movement
  • Escape attempt or go far away

How Is Separation Anxiety Diagnosed in Cats?

Now, if you understand how separation anxiety works, there is no need to rush. It is a mental illness rather than a physical one. So, you need to take care of it slowly and steadily. Because whatever the treatment you are getting, cats with anxiety need to adapt. That takes time. So, what is the usual process for separation anxiety treatment?

  • Visiting vet
  • Environment change
  • Behavior change
  • Companion improvement
  • Testing attitude
  • Encouraging entertainment
  • Medications

Also, there is some anti-anxiety medication for cats that you could try, but before you do that, consult with the vet first.

What Can You Do to Relieve Cats Separation Anxiety?

Anxiety in cats is quite easy to understand. But, separation anxiety is hard to utilize. It is even complicated to take necessary actions. It is not something you can handle without understanding carefully. First of all, try to figure out what causes separation anxiety.

A cat with anxiety

Is it you or any of your cat’s companions? In most cases, it is actually the owner. If that’s the case, then your caring is all they need. But, just you is not enough. You do have daily activities like home and office work.

So, what can you do? The fastest solution would be anxiety meds for cats. But why not try other options?

  • Make sure that you are providing enough toys to play
  • Provide enough space to roam around
  • Set up entertainment gadgets like TV
  • Keep items close to them that make them happy
  • Keep your departure style low
  • Hide your departure style
  • Don’t leave for a long time all of a sudden
  • Make sure to start the break with a short period
  • Keep some interesting and surprising items hidden in the room
  • Provide necessary attention and care but don’t overdo it
  • If possible, then have them cat companions
  • Make sure to take a break and spend time with them
  • Check them up at the vet

These are the overall thing you can do. But what about some precise steps? Below, we are giving you some cat anxiety treatment tips to follow.

Management of the Environment

Sometimes, the environment is the reason your cat is feeling your absence. So, making an environment shift can be pretty helpful. A bright place with decent free space always makes a cat feel better. Besides, make sure the space is clean enough.

Provide Enrichment Activities

This type of anxiety comes when the cat misses company. So, provide many toys and playing opportunities. It can be a puzzle or something that attracts their attention.

Ignore Attention-Seeking Behaviors

Sometimes, a cat wants way too much attention. If you provide them that much, they get used to it. As a result, your absence makes them quite anxious. So, avoid too much attention. Let them adopt both your presence and absence.

Create and Maintain a Consistent Routine

A consistent behavior always keeps abnormal conditions in check. It especially helps to handle mental issues. So, you should follow a fixed routine for meals and daily activities. You need to do the same for cat anxiety medication.

Relaxation Exercises

Some relaxing exercises may help you out. You know you can train the cat to do different things. It can be sitting down, lying down, keeping calm, not making noise, and so on. Reward them and encourage them to do those exercises. It will also keep them busy and entertained.

How to Prevent Separation Anxiety for Cats

Now, we have mentioned the idea of dealing with separation anxiety. But, how about preventing it? If you can take precautions, such a situation might not occur. So, what can you do?

Look for Confident Cats, Littermates, or Bonded Pairs

When you adopt the cats, have some selection ideas in mind. You should choose energetic, active, and cheerful cats. Besides, each cat has a distinct personality. Try to take one with confidence. You can also take a bonded pair to keep the company even in your absence. It will prevent possible cat anxiety.

Encourage Independence

Separation anxiety happens when your cat can’t live without company. So, train the cat to live independently. In that case, your absence will not be a problem for them.

Keep Your Daily Departures Low-Key

You should follow this method. Hide your departure signs as much as possible. It will help them a lot to avoid building up a separation feeling.

Try Enrichment Activities

Arrange several activities for your cat. They are curious animals. Cats love to do many types of playing and exploration. So, provide them with interesting tools like a puzzle, hidden spaces, toys, and so on.

Final Thoughts

You may have seen the anxiety cat meme. There are a lot of them. But, the real condition is not so funny. Separation anxiety in cats puts a lot of mental pressure on them. So, you have two options to go for. Either take precautions so that it never happens. The second one is to take proper steps if it happens.

We mentioned the symptoms and possible reasons behind anxiety in cats. You need to maintain them with caution. Remember, you should take a healthy and energetic cat during adoption. It will just make things easier to deal with.

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