Cats Health

A girl is caressing her separation anxiety in cats

Understanding Separation Anxiety In Cats

Can cats sense anxiety? It hurts when we leave the side of our closest partner. The same thing can happen to cats. Thus, a lot of cats are experiencing separation anxiety. Cats do have distinct and different personalities....

Dogs Health

A dog is being drinking water to keep hydration in dogs high

Hydration in Dogs: Keep Your Dog Hydrated This Summer

Keeping your dog hydrated is crucial to ensure its proper body functioning. Not only on summer days but all year-round. This is because whether it’s a cute kitten or a bossy German Shepherd, they are always on the run. That is why their body needs enough...

Dog Ear Mites vs. Ear Wax

Dog Ear Mites Vs. Ear Wax: How To Spot The Difference

Dog ear mites vs. ear wax is a pretty common debate. Sometimes, people misjudge ear wax as ear mites and vice-versa. Although, they are completely two different things. While ear wax only needs cleaning, ear mites require removal and treatment. Here, we will discuss them in...

Two dogs are sitting in their dog toy box

10 Dog Toy Box Ideas That Will Make Your Pup Smile

Playing and having moments with your dog surely is the best feeling. Thus, we give them a lot of new toys to make them cheerful. But, too many scattered toys can be pretty distractive. You know pets are really curious about everything. So, it’s better if...


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