Cats Health

A girl nuzzles her nose on her cats head

How To Bond With Your Cat

You’re not the only one who finds it difficult to form a bond with a new cat. We’ve all experienced it as cat lovers. Cats communicate in a way that is totally different from how people do. These...

A cat is resting on grassy field

How Strong Is Your Cat’s Memory?

Cats have amazing memories! They can retain facial recognition for up to ten years! In case you were wondering, yes, your cat remembers and misses you when you’re gone for a few weeks, and cats definitely grieve when...

Dogs Health

A dog is being caressed by its master

Can Dogs Get Monkeypox?

Poxes are contagious diseases that can be spread from infected animals or people. So, the infected animals can spread the Monkeypox virus to people, and also, the infected people can spread this virus to animals via close contact, including petting, hugging, cuddling, licking, kissing, sharing sleeping...

Somebody is cleaning the ear of Dog

How to Clean Dog Ears: Learn the 9 Easy Steps

Keeping your dogs’ ears clean is an essential part of their care. But cleaning their ears may be challenging if the dogs aren’t in a condition to accept ear cleaning or if we don’t feel comfortable doing the task. If you think of how to clean...

A dog is barking

Do Dogs Get Tired of Barking? How To Stop It?

Have you ever heard that barking dogs never bite? Although, it seems quite scary. Don’t be afraid. A barking dog is nothing to be afraid of. They may need help. I mean, it is no fun if your dog doesn’t bark. Although too much barking can...


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