Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Like many Pets Head to Tail blog readers, I have lost pets to cancer — two dogs and one cat. Of course, I would love to see a cure for cancer in my fellow human beings, but I would also love to see strides made in cancer treatments for pets. So, in support of the Morris Animal Foundation, Pets Head to Tail donates a portion of every sale on our site to the Canine Cancer Campaign and Happy Healthy Cat Campaign to support their mission of improving the health and well-being of companion animals.

The Morris Animal Foundation

I want my business to mean something — I want it to matter. Pets Head to Tail is about more than providing products to pet owners — it is about providing for the health and wellness of our pets. The Morris Animal Foundation shares this mission by advancing research for animal treatments and cures. The foundation has funded over 1,700 studies leading to many animal health advancements in diagnosing, treating, preventing, and curing many diseases prevalent in animals worldwide.

The Morris Animal Foundation sponsors the Canine Cancer Campaign — a leading research organization studying cancer in dogs. They are seeking to prevent premature death in dogs.┬áThe Morris Animal Foundation also sponsors the Happy Health Cat Campaign. This research organization researches and promotes health care provisions for cats; they seek to eliminate the suffering and early death of cats. These campaigns are close to my heart because of the loss I have experienced, as well as the loss of friends’ pets to cancer.

I am so excited about what these organizations accomplish day in and day out. I am encouraged by the ways in which they provide for our pets, and for animals around the world. I am privileges to support these research-minded foundations.

Does Your Pet Have Cancer?

Finding out that one of our beloved pets has cancer is devastating. The bad news carries fear of the future and questions about treatment viability. Unfortunately, many treatments are temporary, supportive fixes rather than cures. As always, though, our pets have so much to teach us:

  • Pets don’t fear the future. They continue to respond the same way to our love and care. They enjoy companionship with their owners, and the love the attention that we give.
  • Pets don’t dwell on their illness. Though they experience pain, they will respond to the emotions of those around them. If you are sad, they will respond to that emotion. If you are at peace, they will be at peace. They are not aware of the prognosis or the corresponding human emotional response.
  • Pets keep giving love, even in the face of serious illness. Throughout their own illnesses, pets continue to provide examples of unconditional love. They will continue to wag their tails, lick our hands, get up and greet us when we walk in the door, etc.

Responding to Loss

What happens when we lose pets to cancer? How do we respond? These questions don’t have clear answers — we all respond differently to loss. As pet owners and lovers, we can respond by supporting the research that goes into future findings.

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