Merry Christmas from Pets Head to Tail!

From all of us at Pets Head to Tail (dogs, cats, and people), we would like to wish each one of you a very Merry Christmas this 2011! We are so thankful for you and for your heart for dogs and cats. This holiday season, there are so many blessings for which we are grateful.

  • The unconditional love of our pets. No matter what we do — our mistakes, our failures, our successes, our appearance — they love us continuously, day in and day out.
  • The chance to be outdoors with our pets. No matter where you live — country, city, or somewhere in between — you have the freedom to be outdoors with your pet. What a blessing! Some of us are in better shape then others, but regardless of age, shape or size, we get the opportunity to walk, run, rollerblade, bike, or stand with our pets outside each day.
  • Another day we don’t deserve. If you’ve lived any length of time, you understand that life is precious and life is short, and we must seize every opportunity to celebrate and live fully. If you own a dog or a cat, your pet probably reminds you that each new day is a gift — though a lick on the hand, a nuzzle against your leg, a happy bark when you arrive home, or a wag of the tail — and anther opportunity to express thanks.

And so, with all the goodness we have in our lives, we reflect on life’s blessing and all the joys of 2011. We hope that you have an abundant and joyous Christmas Day doing the same. Merry Christmas!

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